Is Prophet T.B. Joshua Still Alive?

I don’t know how many of you who have or are still tuning in to Emmanuel TV of Synagogue Church of All Nations? Sometimes I do watch the channel and get marvelled at the miracles the man of God, Prophet Joshua performs in his Church. 

The manner of diverse miracles taking place in Synagogue Church of All Nations is the kind that is not common in our contemporary world. The way in which the man of God ministers healing and deliverance to the afflicted congregations make people to wonder if the man, Prophet T.B Joshua is still a human being like all of us. 

The instant manifestations of healings and deliverances in the lives of those people is what many finds difficult to understand. No condition seems to come to SCOAN unchanged. Be it sickness, barrenness, hardship, joblessness, the man of God ministers change to all.

The above signs and wonders happening in SCOAN has kept me wondering if Prophet T.B. Joshua is still a human being or a spirit among the living.


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