Reasons Why People are Still Patronising Ponzi Schemes

With the crash of many Ponzi schemes, common sense demands that people will stop participating in such schemes. But unfortunately, many Ponzi schemes still have overwhelming patronage from various participants all over the world. 

I have seen people who lost huge amount of money to Ponzi schemes. One would expect that such people will stay away from further participation in Ponzi, but the reverse is usually the case. About 75% of people who have in one way or the other lost money to Ponzi continue doing Ponzi after some time.

This development has led me to study why Ponzi scheme is still booming despite negative experiences people have had with them in the past. My findings can be seen below.

1. Ponzi is addictive

Ponzi scheme like drug seems to be addictive. Once you have tested the free and easy money that Ponzi offers, you will find it extremely difficult to resist it again. Many people who have tried to stay away from Ponzi find themselves go back after some time. 

2. Recession is killing businesses

Most people I know participate in Ponzi schemes because they don’t know which other business to invest their money without losing it to hard times. The world economic recession has become too tough that many businesses go bankrupt after struggling few years. Those in small scale businesses are always crying of poor patronage. This makes intending traders to consider investing their money in Ponzi to raise more capital.

3. Ponzi ROI is very attractive

The Return on Investment from Ponzi schemes seems to be far better than any business anyone can think of. Some Ponzi schemes can double your investment in a matter of hours without no stress.

4. Ponzi is not time consuming

Participation in Ponzi schemes does not require too much of your time. It calls for no stress at all. All you do is to invest your money and expect your returns in due season.

5. Greed

The final reason we want to discuss here why people are still patronising Ponzi schemes is greed. Humans are greedy in nature. Everybody wants quick and easy money. This quest to make quick and easy money lures people into patronising Ponzi.


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