Renewed Hope For MMM Members As 2016 Mavro Overgrowth Is Being Slashed For Immediate Payment

There seems to be hope on the way for all MMM Nigeria members as all 2016 Mavro which has more than tripled is being slashed to normal 30 percent  to enable payment. 

Recall that 2016 Mavro has overgrown to the extent that all MMM Nigeria participants began to get worried on how the system will be able to pay all those monies. 

But last week witnessed a reduction of Mavro on POs. Many MMM Nigeria participants had noticed that their fat Mavro had been slashed back to normal 30%. 

This development to many is an indication that all 2016 Mavro will be released soon for withdrawal. On the modalities for withdrawal, a top Guider at MMM Nigeria revealed that a new PH interface is under implementation. According to her, this one will have the option where you can choose whether to get 30% Mavro on your new PH or 100% of your old 2016 Mavro.

If this is implemented, then all MMM Nigeria members will get committed again.

See photo below.


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