REVEALED: How MMM Participants Can Cash Out Their 2016 Mavros

Research has shown that Nigeria is not the first country where MMM has gone on PAUSE MODE. Countries like Russia, South Africa, China, and Zimbabwe have had their own share of pause mode. 

In the ideology of MMM, pause mode was provided to be activated when GH starts to exceed PH. In Russia, South Africa, China, and Zimbabwe, MMM went on pause but restarted later on. 

Just like what MMM Nigerian participants are passing through now, other MMM countries have experienced similar situation. But most of those countries were able to come out of their quagmire because they applied this only secret I am about to share here.

The secret is very simple but can be hard to swallow. This is because many participants will out of fear or smartness feel reluctant to comply to this only way out. 

Now, what is the secret to releasing MMM Nigeria 2016 Mavro? The secret is for every MMM Nigeria member to start providing new help. It is simple! No PH no GH. Everybody wants to be paid 2016 Mavro. But the question is, who will pay it – Sergey Mavrodi? It is definitely impossible for the founder of MMM to pay it as participants did not pay to him directly. They all paid directly to another participant. This makes it impossible for Sergey Mavrodi to pay with his own money.

The only way 2016 Mavro can be paid is when participants begin to PH again in enormous quantity. It’s only when that happens that the system will begin to release 2016 Mavro to be withdrawn. If not, the Mavro will remain in the system growing without any impact on participants' bank account.

If I were to be the leaders of MMM Nigeria, I will convene a national conference for all Mavrodians to chat out the way forward for MMM. 

Let us know your take on this issue, maybe we can make suggestions for the leaders to implement.


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