Secrets To Passing Any Job Interview

I have taken time to interact with different recruiters in order to ascertain the tricks and secrets for coming out of any interview successful. From my interactions with some of these people, I was able to understand some of the things that every interviewer expects from job seekers. 

I will like you to take time to think about the interviews you have attended in the past. Have you really asked yourself why you never get contacted after attending those interviews? The reason for this may not be far fetched. It may have to do with the kind of answers you give to questions put forward to you during those interviews. Or it may be probably related to the way you conducted yourself during the interview session.

According to Perminus Wainaina, a recruitment consultant at Corporate Staffing Services, he revealed that he have had the opportunity to recruit for organisations more than 5 years and had interviewed over 7000 candidates. According to him, the most common mistakes many interview candidates make include lack of preparedness, poor presentation skill, poor self confidence, and lack of understanding of the role.

He said that recruiters and employers use interviews to gauge your skills, enthusiasm and whether you are a good fit for the job. He acknowledged that mistakes are bound to happen at interviews since there is no perfect candidate, but admonished that candidates are to do their part to minimise interview blunders.

A job seeker that attend an interview unprepared has prepared him or herself for failure. How do you prepare for an interview? You prepare for an interview by understanding the job role. This you do by studying the job description very well. Every job advert comes with job description, the job descriptions are the functions employer expects any successful candidate to be performing. 

It takes self confidence and good presentation skills to demonstrate that you understand the employer's expectations from any successful candidate. Therefore, you must not allow yourself to be intimated by anyone. You need to train yourself to be a good presenter. You can achieve this by practising before hand. 

Again, another key component of interview success is your character. Perminus Wainaina noted that he had met many candidates with the right skills and knowledgeable of the job role but lack character. Employers are interested in knowing the character of the candidates they intend to hire. They like to know if the candidates commands integrity and reputation. 

At times, some people loses job opportunity not because they did not perform well at interview, but because further investigations on them did not pass character test. 


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