Is Prayer For Sale? See How Catholic Church Monetizes Prayers

Catholic Church is in no doubt the biggest Church in the whole world, as almost every other Churches drew her members from them. A close look on the activities of some Churches will leave one with endless questions.

Sometimes I ask myself the rationale behind some practices in some Churches. Yes I agree that religion is dogma based and much questions are not expected from adherents. 

But how long shall we continue to follow some Church practices sheepishly without asking relevant questions? There is a popular adage that says that someone who asks questions does not lost his way.

Today, I wish to query into a practice in Catholic Church that I find difficult to understand the rationale behind it. I learnt that in Catholic Church, members can make special prayer requests at a token. 

According to them, such prayer is called “Booking of Mas”. A member can book mas on special need with certain amount of money determined by the Church. The prayer is to be said at the beginning of the Mas. For the benefit of non-Catholics, “mas” is what Pentecostals refer to as service.

It is a popular belief among Catholics that such prayers availeth much. That is, it is highly effective.

But the pertinent questions on the lips of many are; why should people pay to book such prayers, who eats the money – God or the Church, does God now charge money to answer prayers?

I believe it’s high time Church leaders supply answers to the questions raised above. 


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