This Will Answer Why Pentecostal Pastors Preach Prosperity Instead of Holiness

There has been this criticisms by non Pentecostals as to why pastors prefer to preach prosperity instead of holiness and righteousness. I personally has argued with people on this subject. To this effect, I decided to write on this topic to help those who care to understand why it is usually so.

Permit me to state categorically that this article is not a defence for Pentecostal Pastors. Rather, it is my personal understanding on why they do so. 

Having said that, let me take a few word to define Pentecostal. Pentecostal is a Christian movement that places much emphasis on the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was derived from the word Pentecost. Pentecostalism emphasises on having a personal relationship with God.

Now lets go back to the topic. When you look at the operation of a Pentecostal Churches, you will notice that there is always room to identify and acknowledge new converts and members. Usually at the end of every sermon, the pastor makes ‘alter call’ where people are encouraged to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.

When that is done, the church usually arrange a special foundation class for new members and converts where they would be instructed in righteousness. This special class is meant to deal with the issue of sin in the lives of these people. It is expected that whoever passes through the foundation classes is now seen as a believer. 

In preaching, there are some messages that are meant for believers as well as unbelievers. Unbelievers are to be preached to the message of salvation. After they have accepted Christ and now seen as believers, the message of empowerment will now be preached to them. 

There are messages that empowers and equips the church. Therefore, Pentecostal Pastors prefer to preach this kind of message because they now see those church members as believers. Prosperity is biblical. And prosperity sermons empowers believer in the society. 

Conclusively, in as much as prosperity messages should be preached in Churches, attention should also be drawn to the spiritual needs of believers. 

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