You Will Pray Hard Before Every Sex After Reading This Story

This world is too deep that we can’t see everything that goes on here. It is the world of the living and the spirits. The living lives among the spirit without knowing it.

I watched a movie titled “Living with a Stranger”. This movie left me speechless. I saw from that movie that many things are happening under this planet earth. 

A man in that movie called Iyke came in contact with a spiritual wife and his life from that day has never remained the same. The spiritual wife started having sexual relationship with the man and even gave him a daughter. Iyke no longer have sexual knowledge of his wife as the spiritual wife is always monitoring and controlling him. 

Do you know the worst part of the story that made me want to share it to the world? Now listen to me. One day, a wife of a friend to this man having a sexual relationship with this spiritual woman caught him with the spiritual wife and decided to report the case to his wife. 

Unknowingly to her, the spiritual wife was smarter than her. She disappeared to the man's house and took the form of the man's wife. When the woman who came to report met her, unknowingly to her she was reporting to the spiritual woman. The spiritual woman managed to deceive her into leaving the house on the ground that she will confront her husband immediately he comes home.

Since that day, this innocent woman who thought she was doing her friend a favour entered into trouble. The spiritual wife vowed to destroy her from that day for interfering in their affairs. 

woman in question here was pregnant. So the first attack of the spiritual wife did was to remove her pregnancy. How did she do that? She took the form of the woman’s husband and came home one afternoon to have sex with her. 

After that day, the woman’s life became hell on earth. First she lost her almost nine months pregnancy. Thereafter, she lost her husband to another woman whom the same spiritual woman possessed. 

Hmm! Things are happening in this world. People should be very careful with the way they live in this world. It’s a deep and mysterious world. 

The best way of defence against the wiles of the devil is to be prayerful. People must make it a duty to pray in Jesus name before sex. You shouldn’t allow the pleasure of sex to overwhelm you.

But how can prayer save an unmarried person from the hand of the wicked one? As we know, sex is only legal for dully married couples. Any sex outside marriage is a sin against God. This shows that God cannot answer any prayer made by unrighteous being.


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