This Yahoo Boy Confesses How He Began to Eat Shit to Fool His Victims

Wonders they say shall never end. Sometimes it is hard to be what people does to make money. I can't imagine that any sane person can eat shit (feaces) just as a sacrifice to make money.

It was a drama today when mobs paraded an alleged Yahoo Boy whom they claim was caught eating shit in a small bush in Owerri town. The Yahoo Boy who called himself Sharpy said that he was forced into the game by hardship. He revealed that there was a time things became too tough for him that he ran to one of his well-to-do friends for help. 

According to him, his friend introduced him to Gee business as a way of survival. Sharpy said that it takes huge sacrifice to be successful in the business. He confessed that they visited one native doctor who did some spiritual work on him after which he was told that his sacrifice would be to be to eat shit. 

He continued; eating shit makes it easy for my victims to pay. The more shit I eat the more successful I became in the business. Sharpy remarked that the task was not easy for him at the initial time, but had to comply as non compliance would amount to his destruction. I was given no option at all says Sharpy. I was told to eat shit and make as much money as I want or run mad.

This revelation has exposed what most people do to make money these days. Some of all these Gee boys you see pays huge sacrifices to drive in RX 330/350s, 4 Matic and other expensive cars. 

Nawaoo to some people! I can't believe people can go this far to make this money. This is living in bondage says an eye witness who was interviewed by our correspondent. 

Let's hear your take on this matter....


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